Back Hand Mehndi Designs: Mehndi is considered very important and pure when we talk about any auspicious occasion. Mehndi is not only a very important and major part of any marriage ceremony but also of many festivals such as Diwali, Teej, Karwa Chauth, etc. It is very exciting for people to apply henna on their hands.

There are many back hand mehndi designs available on the internet and there are a lot of designs to choose from. These designs make your hand look more beautiful and appealing. Different kinds of mehndi such as the traditional Indian style or the Arabic mehndi style, of them are really liked by the people. There are many designs available for full hand mehndi, simple but fancy designs, for the backhand or for the palm.

Each of these styles of mehndi has its own unique characteristics. If you apply them to your palm, your palm will definitely look unique and different. This will give you a more glow and fancy look, be it at your wedding or if you are attending weddings of others. All the eyes will be on you. Here we have a list of a few mehndi designs for the backside of your hand. These designs are unique and classy and you can apply them for any function.

Back Hand Mehndi Designs with Leaf Motifs

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This is a very simple mehndi design for the backside of the hand. It usually has a circular or a semicircular outline around which it is decorated with thick leaf motifs design. This gives the mehndi the appearance of leaf or rice grains. The design is liked by a lot of people as it is very simple to make and looks very elegant.

Lattice Mehndi designs for Back hand

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Lattices are made on the back side of the hand and are filled either with bold mehndi patches alternatively or with leaves or dost. The lattice mehndi design gives the hand a very full look and it attracts a lot of people to this design.

The Jewellery Back Hand Mehndi Designs

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Jewelry is a very important part of the women’s get up and when its design is put on the hand as a mehndi design it gives a very elegant look. The design constitutes made of designs on one finger and then extending it towards the wrist. The design is one of the favorite ones for the ladies who want to apply something very simple yet want to look very fancy, elegant, and modern.

Mandala Back Hand Mehndi Designs

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The Mandala Style of mehndi is a very old and traditional design of mehndi. This style involves making of design in a circular outline. The middle space is left empty to make the design look more prominent or it may also be filled with mehndi. This design is also liked a lot and can be a great pick for you.

Rajasthani Back Hand Mehndi Designs

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Rajasthanis are known for their royal custom and culture and so is this design of mehndi. The design involves making very fine, delicate, and elaborate designs to make the hand look very royal. You can combine various designs together and a very handful of designs is formed which is the royal Rajasthani style.

The Arabic Back Hand Mehndi Designs

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The Arabic mehndi style is one of the most liked mehndi designs. Any design is not complete until we bring the Arabic mehndi into the picture. The traditional leaf motifs, peacocks, and lattices of the Arabic mehndi is drawn on the back side of the hand. You will get a very classy look from this design and it goes well for any function.

Arabic Fusion Back Hand Mehndi Designs

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The combination of the Arabic mehndi design and the traditional Indian mehndi designs is the fusion style of mehndi.  Intricate details are made in the mehndi and also give the hands a very handful and traditional look. The mehndi continues generally from the index finger, and goes down towards the wrist, filling the back hand completely with beautiful designs. Only the index finger is involved in the design. The mehndi looks very fashionable and gorgeous when made on the back side of the hand.

Moroccan Back Hand Mehndi designs

Moroccan Back Mehndi designs
Image Courtesy: Pinterest

The Moroccans have a huge trend of mehndi style in Africa and they have their own style and design of mehndi designs. These designs cover the hands entirely and these are the best designs that can be applied to the bride’s back side of the hand. The design involves making of mehndi designs with bold dots. Other details in the mehndi is given by lies, lattices, leaves etc.

The Criss-Cross Back Mehndi Designs

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Criss-Crosses are made on the back side of the hand along with some other mehndi designs such as leaves, flowers, circles, and many more. This criss-cross style mehndi looks very appealing and can be a go-to mehndi design for any occasion. It is very easy to make and does not take much of your time. The design gives your hand a gorgeous and a handful look even with a very little effort put into designing the mehndi on your hand.

Floral Back Hand Mehndi Designs

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Flowers are the essence of all the mehndi designs. No mehndi design is complete without making the design of flowers in it. The floral back hand mehndi design is the simplest of all the mehndi designs. If you don’t want to do much to your hand, you can choose this design. All you have to do in this is make two or three interconnected flowers with leaves and you are good to go. This will give your hand a very fancy and elegant look. Roses are the biggest attraction in this style of mehndi and people mostly choose to make roses on their hands.

Pakistani Back Hand Mehndi Designs

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

The Pakistani style of mehndi is also in great demand in the market. The intricate and delicate pattern of the Pakistani mehndi design looks very appealing on the back hand. The design usually covers all your fingers with unique designs from the Pakistani culture. This design ends withdrawing of a big and very attractive bracelet near your wrist. These are some of the features which make this design of mehndi very unique.

Simple Bridal Back Hand Mehndi Designs

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

The mehndi is a very important part of a marriage ceremony. The brides really want their bridal mehndi to look gorgeous, unique and appealing. This design is listed in one of the easiest mehndi designs for the brides. This mehndi is made of simple flowers, leaves, curves, circles, dots, lattices, etc. Each of these designs is combined together to give a handful and bridal appearance. If you are going to be a bride in the near future, this is what you should definitely try out at your wedding.

Rose and Lotus Motifs Back Mehndi Designs

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Roses are almost everybody’s favorite and roses paired with lotuses give a very charming look to the mehndi. The design is made with big and small roses and lotus on the back side of the hand, decorated with leaves or dots. This style of mehndi design is the best for you if you want a handful looks with basic designs only. It is also liked by many brides for their marriage because of the elegant look it gives.

Elaborate Back Hand Mehndi Design

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Again, this mehndi design is preferred especially by the brides as it gives a handful looks. This design includes many traditional mehndi designs that are combined together, mainly the mandala mehndi design. The Mandala mehndi design goes well on the back side of the hand.

Peacock Arabic Back Hand Mehndi Designs

Peacock Arabic Back Mehndi Design.
Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Peacock designing on the hands is considered to be a traditional form of mehndi designing. Peacocks are drawn on the hand and is extended to design its feather. The design is made intricately and it gives the mehndi a very delicate look. The peacocks in between can also be joined by some flower designs. This mehndi is a go-to mehndi for anyone who is not looking for something crowded or full on their hands. This gives the mehndi a very modern look on the hands.

Ring Back Hand Mehndi Design

Ring Back Mehndi Design
Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Rings are the most popular form of jewelry which is in demand by a lot of people. The simplest kind of mehndi design involving a ring making on the finger, extended by a thin line towards the wrist and joining it with the bracelet design is very much in demand. This is a very easy-to-make design and can be made on hand for any function.

Mughal Style of Back Hand Mehndi Designs

Mughal Style Mehndi Design
Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Mughals were also very much royal in their culture, and so were the mehndi designs. This Mughal style of mehndi design involves making of a person look like a Mughal Emperor. On the other hand, a queen from the Mughal empire is made. This gives the appearance of the king and queen and is mostly preferred by the brides for their weddings. The design is decorated more by using own creativity and mind. This can be a very good choice for you if you are getting married soon or you can suggest it to some of your friends also.

No Fingers Back Hand Mehndi Designs

No Fingers Back Mehndi Design
Image Courtesy: Pinterest

This mehndi design is the simplest yet classy of all the mehndi designs so far. It consists of making of only a big design in the center on the hand. No design is made on the fingers. The middle design consists of making of floral design accompanied by leaves, dots, lattices, criss-cross wtc. This is the perfect design for you if you don’t want to do much on you hand but still want to look good.

Fingers and Wrist only Back Mehndi Design

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Try to give you hand a very simple and classy look by adopting this mehndi design. Circular or floral designs are made only on the upper part of the fingers and on the wrist. The design on the wrist looks like a bracelet and gives the whole mehndi design looks very stylish.

Rakhi Style Back Hand Mehndi Design

Rakhi Style Back Mehndi Design
Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Rakhi is a festival to celebrate brotherhood. You can make a rakhi design on the back side of the hand. It starts with making a ring design at the top of the ring finger, extending it towards the wrist, and joining it with the rakhi design made there. These can be joined by a dotted line or any other design. This is a very simple design and can be your go-to mehndi design for any function, including Rakhi.

Tattoo Back Hand Mehndi Design

Tattoo Back Mehndi Design
Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Tattoos have a great craze over everyone, especially the young ladies. If not tattoos, try out the tattoo style mehndi design on your back side of the hand. This is a little different from the regular design of the mehndi. You can try drawing whatever you want as a tattoo and it will turn into a very beautiful mehndi design.


These are some of our suggestions for the mehndi design for the back side of your hand. There are options available from the simplest to the handful designs of back hand mehndi designs. If you are a soon to bride, we have mentioned above a lot of options for you. We also have many easy and go-to options for someone who is not looking for something very heavy on their hands. Have a look at all the options and choose the best one for you.

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